Friday, June 14, 2013

asasi, undergraduate prgram in ukm

assalamualaikum wbt. salam dan selawat atas baginda RasulAllah SAW. alhamdulillah ala kulli hal.

i was intrviewed for ukm medical faculty at may 28th. just to make this clear, i didnt manage to get 4flat. its quite far below from that actually. hihi but i have to say, i really wnt to do medic so, i'm going to keep holding my hope high with the little advantage of once coming from ukm itself. hehe. but if i am not qualified for it, then geology does not sound so bad. i can still make the world a better place to stay. wee.

anyway, the whole family went to kl a day bfore. though they said that they were there to give me company, the excitement in their faces kind of deny it. haha. how could an intrview gave them so much joy. lol. its obvious they wnted to venture the mall. haha. anyhow, its good to have them by my side :)

sblum intrview, there was this test called aptitude test. its seems like it is just a test to know whether u really are up into taking medic or not. nothing serious. hoho. as for intrview, there were 2 interviewers. and the way interviews were conducted may vary. some have it 100% english and for some other, bilingual and may also be solely in malay. so luck it is. hehe. one golden tip, if u really want to be a doctor then emphasize that to your heart content. dont show doubts. feel free to tell them your passion which of course u have to really have the interest. they don't want a weakling.

the good thing is to come. the interviewers were really nice once u are actually in it so don't be afraid. yeah some may give u faces but they merely wntd to know how u would react to that. hehe. it's like the frst time i met my mentors. i thought that they would be drop dead serious but they were obviously not. haha. so don't be afraid. and here i am telling this when i myself freaked out the day bfore. lol.

that's that about my interview.

just a brief info about asasi ukm, we have a quite dfferent syllabus compared to other foundation. most of the syllabus are adapted from the AP syllabus but, as my fellow asasi friend once said, it's an AP modified malaysian kind of syllabus so, i guess it's actually dffrent from the original one.

biologi 1
fizik 1
kimia 1
penaakulan mantik
kmahiran penyelidikan
appresiasi bahasa dan kesusasteraan
pembangunan jati diri kebangsaan
biologi 2
fizik 2
kimia 2
kalkulus vektor
projek penyelidikan
analisis kritikal isu semasa
kepimpinan dan membuat keputusan

well, these are the subjects taken there and sbjects like logical reasoning, statistics, calculus, analysis and kepimpinan are actually taken during undergraduate for certain courses. supposedly but, these are the dffrences when cmpared to other asasi. people might say that it looks harder compared to other foundations. even the director of asasipintar itself said that this programme is the toughest asasi in malaysia. and so she said.

i have to say that yes, it is hard but it's not fair to say that other foundations are not. researches are actually done during undergraduates or masters and there we were, doing thesis during our foundation year. my mentors, prof amara and prof rashidah actually said that they pity me because i have to do this research thingy. so, yes i have to say it is hard and enjoyable, if i may say. but, if i am to be going for other asasi, matriks or stpm itself, i might as well find that it is hard too. so easily said, it depends on the person itself to manage yourself. u cant just say that it is hard on u and not others. each people cope with things in their own way.

conclusively, the subjects and the studies are tolerable if u have good peers around and they also are if u are smart in handling them. the thing is, asasipintar is newly established so, it is not well-known (not recognized in other u)  and the worst, the management of it is bad. we are the frst cohort so there are many trials acted upon us so we may as well known as lab rats. there will always be errors in trials so, there will be some cons in a way. eventually, i think all the problems will be solved anyway. hihi. and there might be changes along the way. all in all, asasipintar is always a good choice if u like to dig deeper and do smthing new especially if u are a science maniac. weeeheee.

p/s : i know that i'm too late in posting this infrmation. dyeorg dh buat pilihan. msuk dh pn asasi. haha. not so brief eh? -.-

p/p/s: ukm is known as the only univrsity in mlaysia that use malay lnguage. well, for asasi, it's all in english except fr the jati diri sbject. tp nti msuk dgree same je. melayu jgk. kcuali kalau pngajar tu mat salleh :)


Huiying Yeo said...

Hi! Your blogposts are really helpful for me to know more bout the asasiPINTAR UKM, may i ask you something? Since you have three choices for degree course, will the AP leavers be given one of those three for sure? Means no dropping out case or being given the courses that were initially not in our choices? Thanks a lot. Oh ya by the way, did you manage to secure the medicine course?

Najwa said...
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Najwa said...

hi . im going for iv for medic in ukm next week . n im feeling a bit nervous bcause my pointer is not 4 flat , so i thought maybe that will be a disadvantage for me to be accepted in ukm . mind sharing ur pointer ? mine is 3.79 �� emm n if u dont mind can u give me some words to motivate me ? haha thanks a lot

mardhiah said...

i'm not sure if huiying yoe and najwa is notified about or can read this comment or not but still i want to answer them. i forgot my password so i cannot access this blog. haha.

huiying yoe, i know that this is too late but if i may ask, i suppose u joined asasipintar and finished it already right? what are u pursuing now? yeah i secured my placing and is now about to enter 3rd year of medical course in ukm :)

najwa, if u ever manage to enter medical school in ukm do say hi to me. hahahaha. sorry that this may be not useful for u bcs i thought that it's too late for the pep talk lol